Port Kenny Primary School

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Weather policy and hat policy

Hot Weather Policy

The school does not have a special policy relating to hot weather due to the fact that all classrooms now have air conditioning. All students must remain indoors if the outside temperature reaches 37 degrees (in the shade) or at the discretion of staff. The only exception to this rule will be swimming which shall be at the discretion of the instructor. Children must wear appropriate clothes and sunscreen at all times if this lesson goes ahead. Hats must be worn outside during school hours.  On bad weather days the siren will sound and students will move indoors to play. The school also has some excellent shade areas which provide students with excellent protection from the sun.

Hat Policy

As a Sun Smart School our policy is that students and staff  wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for all outside activities during school times.

If they do not have a hat they are to remain in the shade during these periods.