Port Kenny Primary School

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Sports Day

It was customary to have a Tri-School Sport's Day with Elliston and Warramboo. As the Warramboo school has closed our future Sports Day is still under review. April 4th 2003, we have been invited to and will be joining in with the Elliston Area School for a Beach Sports Day at Elliston. We will continue to review our future sports days annually.


The school is affiliated with the South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association and children in years six and seven have the opportunity to represent Far Western Eyre Peninsula in the S.A.P.S.A.S.A. competition in a wide variety of sports. 


The children are involved in swimming/aquatic lessons twice a year. This usually occurs in the first and fourth term of the school year and is held at Venus Bay and the Streaky Bay Area School Swimming Pool. Parents will need to refer to the Hot Weather Policy to determine the days the children will actually be swimming or phone the school to check. Parents are often called upon to act as volunteers during these lessons.