Port Kenny Primary School

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The school library holds a wide range of picture books, fiction and non-fiction books for students to borrow.

Our library is also a community depot. Books and cassettes are sent to our library from Lock Community Library each term. People are able to order in any books they would like to borrow or favourite author's etc. Please feel free to come into our library during the day to borrow.

Borrowing from the library

Books and other library materials may be borrowed during the school day. Students may borrow 3 items for a period of two weeks.

Library bags are provided to each student at the beginning of the school year. Students need to have a bag to borrow.

Our library is automated. This means a computer is used for borrowing, returning and research operations. This system is relatively easy to use with instructions close at hand.

Games and toys

We have recently purchased a selection of hand puppets and games that are available for borrowing.

CAP video selection

In our library the CAP Video selection is also shelved and videos are available for over night loan. We share the videos with 4 other schools.

Children's magazines

We have also subscribed to some of the more popular children's magazines and these too are available for the students to borrow with parent consent.