Port Kenny Primary School

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Governing Council

The Port Kenny Learning Centre Governing Council supports the Principal to manage the school.  The governing Council has input into and monitors Asset Management and Budgeting for the year.  The Principal is responsible for ensuring the Governing Council is informed of all matters relating to the management of the school.

The  Council meets twice per term and subcommittees meet as necessary. 


Members are elected at the AGM which is held at the beginning of each school year.  Councillors are elected for a two year term.  Only half of the positions become vacant each year.  holds meetings on Monday evenings weeks 2 and 8 of each term.

Names of Councillors and the role/office they hold are published in the first Newsletter after they are selected.

Code of Practice

The members of the Port Kenny Learning Centre Governing Council agree to the following code of practice:

Council Roles


Role of the Secretary

Role of Council Finance Advisory Representative :

Reports to and advises the School Governing Council on, budgetary and financial matters including: