Port Kenny Primary School

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School Bus

The Port Kenny School bus is owned and operated by Eug and Barb Tomney. The name of this bus route is Woolong Boolong. School bus timetables are printed and given out at the beginning of each school year.  Children should be at their bus stop before the scheduled time. If your child will not be travelling on the bus on any day, please notify the drivers on 86255030 or UHF 11, so that they do not have to wait unnecessarily at your stop.   

Those children using the bus to travel to and from school are to behave in a manner as directed by the driver. 

If there are any variations in your child's travel, let  the bus driver know (Channel 11 UHF), and/or telephone the school.

Port Kenny-Streaky Bay Bus Route

Venessa Amey has the contract to drive the DECD owned school bus. The same rules, & notification applies to this bus route as to those previously mentioned. Permission for students to access this bus is granted by the Port Kenny Primary School Principal, the principal notifies Vanessa, of any changes.

Contact: Venessa Amey Home Telephone 86255014 - UHF No 15