Port Kenny Primary School

Port Kenny Learning Centre


Port Kenny Primary School serves a local fishing and farming community where it endeavours to support students in becoming valued and confident members of the school and its broader community.

We encourage students to work confidently and collaboratively and to reach their full potential, while developing resilience and independence in line with our values of responsibility, respect, caring, honesty and trust.

We are committed to developing information and communication technology skills across the curriculum and use current technology such as interactive whiteboards and video conferencing. We also aim to promote social interaction by creating opportunities for students to interact with students from nearby schools.

We are working towards providing all students with an 'Individual Education Plan' to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs. Spanish is taught as our specialist language. An Active After School Community program is run by parents at least twice a year. We have a Playcentre adjacent to the school, where an early childcare worker delivers two sessions in a full day's program each week. Most of the children travel to school by bus from nearby farms.